Adjustable Tripod Projector Stand

Do what you do best and get movie night going with the Universal projector Stand, the convenience and peace of mind you need to fully enjoy a cinematic experience at home with the perfect viewing angle!


In stock

In stock


  • Featuring an adjustable design so you can find the perfect viewing experience.
  • Know your equipment is safe and secure, as the stand features an ultra-sturdy tray that ensures the utmost stability.
  • The stand’s tripod floor standing design sits nicely on any flat surface to provide a stable base.
  • Can be assembled and disassembled easily for a fast setup and takedown process.
  • Built to last, the stand is made from a durable metal that will provide long-lasting use.


  • Adjustable: Extends from 60cm all the way to 120cm
  • Strong: Supports up to a staggering 50kg
  • Rotatable: Turn the platform plate 360 degrees for all positional needs
  • Color: Jet Black Finish