ENERGIZER | Energizer Heavy Duty Jump Starter 11,100mAh with Built-in UL Lithium Battery – Portable Car Jumper and 2.4A Power Bank USB Charger (11,100mAh, Black)



Jumpstart a flat battery on a car with Energizer Heavy Duty Jump Starter, a portable jump starter that is small enough to fit in a glove box. The ENX12K doubles as an 11,000mAh portable USB charger with a 2.4A USB port to charge your smartphone or tablet. A bright built-in LED torch that can be set to SOS flash if you’re stranded is also featured. The battery level LED display lets you know when you need to recharge the built-in Li-Po battery. The smart battery clamps help avoid shortcircuit, over-temperature, low voltage and provide reverse polarity protection.

A USB cable and 12V cigarette lighter adaptor are included, along with a cloth carry pouch.


In stock

In stock


Energizer 600A Jump Starter Ultra Compact Fully UL Approved Lithium Jump Starter + Power Bank

  • Power Bank function 2.4A USB Charging Port – Charge any phone, works with all types – Apple, iPhone – Android, Samsung, will also charge any tablet both apple iPad and android based
  • This jump starter’s smart clamps will protect the jump starter and your battery from short circuit protection, over-temperature protection, Over current protection, low voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, reverse charge protection.
  • 44,400mWh/11100mAh Battery Capacity


Safety is our number one concern:

◈ The ENX12K includes smart cables! These smart cables are critical for the safety of the jump starter and your car battery!
◈ Our design even features spark-proof Technology
◈ Protections include: Reverse charge protection, reverse polarity protection, low voltage protection, over current protection, over-temperature protection, and short circuit protection!
◈ Our jump starter’s ability to start a vehicle will outperform any other jump starter with the same battery size; unmatched performance!

Product Specification

  • Li-Polymer Capacity: 44,400mWh
  • 600 AMPs Jump Starting Capacity
  • 11100 mAh
  • Input: DC 12-15V
  • 1 AMP USB charger output
  • 2.4 AMP Battery Level
  • LED Flashlight Function
  • USB Charging Function


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