TURTLE WAX | Label & Sticker Remover 10 Fl Oz

Code: CON-CLNKIT-0005

This Quick & Easy label & sticker remover delivers our most powerful adhesive-dissolving formula in a compact, ready-to-use aerosol spray to get rid of that old bumper sticker in seconds.

Enriched with a robust infusion of citric acid, this heavy-duty, exterior cleanser is specially tailored formulated to clean glass, metal, and painted automotive surfaces without leaving scratches or swirls on your glossy finish. Now that’s quick and easy!


In stock

In stock



  • Dissolves adhesives and sticky residues from labels, stickers, tar, tree sap and other tough soils stuck to the surface of your vehicle
  • Enriched with citric acid to prevent scratching or stripping the paint from your car wax
  • Quick and easy, spray-on application cleans and restores stained surfaces in seconds