TURTLE WAX | T146R – F21 64 oz. Car Wash

Code: CON-CLNKIT-0046

F21™ 64 oz. Car Wash by Turtle Wax®. New nanotechnology formula provides powerful cleaning of dirt and road grime, yet will not strip wax or dull your car’s finish. Restore the luster to your car’s finish with Turtle Wax™ car wash – a synthetic blend of shine enhancers that gently lifts dirt and other material with a thick, clear, high-foaming formula. it’s fast and easy, rinsing clean and spot-free. Safe for all finishes and safe on the wax you already have on your vehicle. it’s also biodegradable and has a fresh, clean scent.


In stock

In stock



  • Thick, rich foam provides silky lubrication to help prevent swirl marks caused by abrasive dirt being washed off the car’s surface.
  • Safe for all finishes, will not strip wax
  • Will give your vehicle a stunning look
  • Top-grade ingredients for the ultimate protection
  • Backed by uncompromising quality and value.