The Birds & the Trees: It’s a parking thing

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As tempting as it may seem to get some cool shades under a tree, it’s a definite no-no for any car owners who really want to maintain their car’s pristine condition.

Given how COVID-19 situation now calls for us to remain mostly indoors, it should be noted that if you’ve parked your car underneath a tree, these whomping willows are never been known to be car-friendly for reasons including the indiscriminate bird droppings, tree sap or rotten fruits that could land on your precious monthly investment.

Target lock-on

The weather is also another factor to consider. Often times things can get very windy in the Abode of Peace and it’s not so surprising that there are cases of car owners seeing a fallen tree resting on their car following an extremely breezy day.

Best case scenario


So, if you can’t avoid seeking refuge under these leafy shelters, you should get your car washed immediately afterwards before any residue sets in and starts eating through the paint causing more damage in the process.

Most car care products can help you clean up the mess like Armor All, KIT or Turtle Wax and then wiping it with a highly absorbent cotton hand towel or specially made sponges like Kanebos to get rid of all that gunk, making your car look bright and shiny again.


Another low-cost investment option you might want to consider is getting yourself a set of sunshades or visors! This combo can help reduce the amount of heat that gets trapped in your car during extremely sunny days and you no longer have to rely on the tree’s shades. As an added bonus, this will help prevent sun damage on your car interior’s upholstery.

Window tints are also a great option for letting your car cool off during heated weathers. With the discounted V-KOOL e-Voucher, it’s definitely worth considering getting it.


Is it?

For the rest of us, finding the perfect parking space can be a tiring affair. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider these car care products to solve some of the caveats for parking under a tree for long periods.

So, does the risk justify the reward for some sweet shade? Probably not. So, just remember, don’t be easy target practice for those perching birds and avoid parking under trees for a long period of time as much as you can! – AG