The Simple Functionality of Visors

Categories: Product Features

Visors or Rain guards is arguably the most underrated car accessory that you can have installed onto your car. This unassuming four-piece plastic’s purpose is not only there to beautify your car’s exterior; but it also brings heaps of benefits!

If you think about it, the visors can act as a way to save on fuel cost and improve petrol mileage as you don’t have to run your car heater every time it rains. Just roll down the windows a bit and let the visors do its work as it will deflect the raindrops, protecting your car cabin from water damage therefore keeping the car dry as you enjoy the cool breeze.

Meanwhile, during heatwaves, the visor functions as a way to prevent the greenhouse effect when you slightly roll down the window and air out the heat thus keeping your car relatively cool. It also helps if you put on sunshades during this time too.

Installing a visor is a low-cost affair and is super easy to install. Despite its simplistic look, the visor adds a touch of personality to your car’s appearance and functionality so intrinsic, that you’d probably wondered how this quality of life improvement was not there in the first place.