Alloy Wheel Rim Protector

Code: 41-01-0085

Shield your wheels with the Alloy Wheel Rim Protector and prevent curb damage to your wheels.  This smart and cost effective solution provides a quick and cheap refurbishment option if you wish to maintain your wheels’ condition.


In stock

In stock


Alloy wheel rim protectors are designed to protect the edges or rims of your alloy wheels.  With the protector installed, if you do scrape the curb, the protector is the only thing that will get scratched.

Product Description

  • The strip is made out of a  flexible, tough rubber material that fits around the edge of the alloy wheel rims.
  • It is self-adhesive and stick over the edge of the wheel.
  • Rim protectors come in a range of colours. Black can make the tyre look larger while silver makes the alloy wheel look wider. They are also available in a selection of bright colours to provide a ring of colour around the wheel.
  • It comes in a set of four rings.