CAR IMPACT AUDIO | Stealth D Amplifier 2 Mono Channels for sub-woofer

Code: 03-27-0004

Get blown away by the Car Impact Audio Stealth D Amplifier extra boost for your sub-woofer while playing your music with true fidelity and impressive impact, without straining your car’s electrical system through its 2-Mono Channels.


In stock

In stock


Key Features:

  • Power supply PWM Mos-Fet
  • Low and high input level
  • Input sensitivity without scaling
  • Stability operative to 2 Ohm in stereo
  • Operate the 4-ohm mono Stability bridge
  • Stability operative to 1 Ohm (Stealth D)
  • Protection circuit against overheating
  • Circuit Protection DC
  • Protection circuit against inverted polarity
  • Circuit of short circuit protection of loudspeaker
  • Low pass and high pass crossover excludable
  • 45 Hz bass boost control
  • Continuous phase adjustment control
  • Full-range start line
  • Solid aluminum heatsink
  • Connectors and new low loss design