ELEVO | Wide Flat Mirror [300MM]

Code: 38-01-0115

Twice brighter than the standard mirror makes the ELEVO Wide Flat Mirror cuts out the dazzling light that hits your eyes, as well as harmful ultra-violet rays. In addition to cutting out normal sunlight, they also cut out the glare from headlights approaching from the rear.


In stock

In stock


Product Description:

  • Shatter Proof: In the manufacturing process, special measures are taken to prevent the broken mirror from spreading out during an accident.
  • Easy installation: One touch add on the regular rearview mirror and ultra thin designed shape could fit on almost all vehicles.
  • The Broadway Mirror creates a wider range of rear view with no distortion resulting in an increased range of vision eliminating rear blind spots.

Key Features:

  • 300mm Flat Mirror
  • Aluminum plating for higher reflectivity
  • Reduces blind spots
  • Easy installation