KENWOOD KCA BT200 | Bluetooth interface

Code: 19-01-0011

Add the convenience of hands-free calling to your compatible Kenwood CD or DVD receiver. The KCA-BT200 Bluetooth adapter lets you answer incoming calls, place outgoing calls, and scroll through your phone book entries — all without ever touching your Bluetooth compatible cell phone. In fact, once the system is set up, you don’t even need to take your phone out of your bag to establish the Bluetooth connection.


In stock

In stock


Key Features:

  • A2DP (“Data streaming” and AVRCP (Device operation) capability
  • Phonebook download function
  • Voice recognition function
  • SMS (Short Mail Service) received function
  • Automatic incoming call answering function
  • Making calls from incoming call history & outgoing call history
  • Microphone supplied

Technical Specifications:

Bluetooth General Features

  • Phone device status display: Yes
  • Audio device status display: Yes
  • Signal strength display: Yes
  • Remaining battery display: Yes
    * depends on phone model/make

Bluetooth handsfree features

  • Call: Yes
  • Receive: Yes
  • Disconnect: Yes
  • Private conversation: Yes
  • Automatic receive time setting: Yes
  • Voice output SP setting: Yes
  • Call interrupt: Yes
  • Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF): Yes
  • * depends on phone model/make

Bluetooth phonebook features

  • Phonebook download: Yes, Automatic when connected to cell phone
  • Phonebook search: Yes
  • Sub index search: Yes
  • Phonebook search by initial: Yes
  • Call History: 80 Calls
  • Receive History: 80 Calls
  • Preset phone number: 3 preset x 5 devices * depends on phone model/make

Bluetooth SMS features

  • SMS download: Yes
  • Check received SMS: Yes
  • Check send SMS: Yes
  • SMS receive (Unopened SMS display): Yes
  • MS sent (Unopened SMS display): Yes * depends on phone model/make

Bluetooth voice recognition features

  • Voice tag registration: Yes
  • Voice tag confirmation: Yes
  • Phonebook search by voice tag: Yes * depends on phone model/make

Bluetooth device registration features

  • Device search (Headunit): Yes
  • Device search (Bluetooth): Yes
  • Bluetooth device delete: Yes * depends on phone model/make

Bluetooth audio features

  • Play: Yes
  • Playback control (AVRCP profile): Yes * depends on phone model/make

General Specifications

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 95 x 30 x 105mm
  • Weight: 370 gr.


  • Screws (Parker-type): Ø 4 x 16mm, 2 pieces