Kixx | AF Coolant 3L 1L Top Performance Antifreeze / Coolant

Code: OIL-KIXX-005

Top Performance Antifreeze / Coolant

Kixx AF Coolant is a premium quality, ethylene glycol based antifreeze coolant concentrate, designed primarily to meet the stringent corrosion protection requirements of late model car engines which have a significant amounts of aluminum in their construction. It is dyed a distinctive color for easy identification.


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• ASTM D 3306


• Protects cooling systems from corrosion and deposits.
• Provides a higher boiling point for protection against engine overheating.
• Prevents coolant freezing.
• Maximizes aluminium engine component life.
• Long service life.
• Compatible with hard tap water.
• Primarily recommended for late model passenger car and light commercial vehicle engines where enhanced protection of aluminium heat-rejecting surfaces is required. lt can also be used in certain cast iron, heavy-duty diesel engines, particularly, European dry-liner and “no-liner” designs, which operate without supplemental coolant additives(SCAs).
• Kixx AF Coolant is a coolant concentrate designed to be mixed with clean water. lt is not a pre-diluted product. For optimum year-round protection, a concentration of 50 per cent solution of Kixx AF Coolant in water is recommended.
• The recommended interval change for coolant is every 20,000 km or after 2 years, whichever comes first. Please refer to your car’s owners manual for further information.

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Kixx AF Coolant 3 Litres, Kixx AF Coolant 1 Litres