ROCKFORD FOSGATE | 1 Farad Digital Capacitor 20 volt Surge Capacitor (CPCD10-03)

Code: 14-01-0006

Rockford Fosgate stiffening capacitors are designed to improve the overall performance of your amplifier by offering instantaneous current for greater bass transients and wider dynamics.


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In stock


The POWER Digital caps feature “pass-through” technology allowing a direct connection from the terminal to the powerful foil windings inside the capacitor for better response. The CPCD10-03 is built with the strictest tolerances for an ultra low ESR design. A large digital display reads cap voltage while an audible buzzer warns you if the cap is installed incorrectly. The CPCD10-03 comes complete with 24kt gold plated terminals and a charge/discharge resistor.

Product Features:

  • Digital display 1 Farad – 20 volt Surge Capacitor.
  • Neon red LED display with auto sensing turn-on.
  • Ultra low ESR <1.5 milliohms.
  • Improves sound quality – cleaner mids and highs.
  • Louder and harder hitting bass.
  • Stabilizes electrical system to handle additional components.
  • Up to 1000 watt systems.
  • Delivers improved sound along with reduced headlight dimming.