YCL | Universal super bright LED Light YCL-729 for all car model

Code: 33-01-0281

The YCL DRL LED Driving Light is designed with a dedicated integrated circuit and good insulation to protect the product from overheating. It also effectively converts the power from over voltage while maintaining its brightness.

The LED Driving Light guarantees a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. Its reflective glass mirror is designed to fully to distribute light more effectively within a suitable range. This is also complemented by the aluminium alloy base design, allowing shell to quickly cool down after use. It is also easy to install.



In stock

In stock


Product specification

  • The universal design can fit to any car model and super bright LED.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Water resistant for exterior usage
  • Output power: 12V:4.4W , 24V:4.8W
  • Size : 79mm x 75.5mm x 53mm.

About YCL

YCL’s has been making quality and reliable automobile accessories for the last 12 years based on their experience and professional knowledge on the field.

Their aim is to make your driving a pleasant, healthy and comfortable experience from the hundreds of products available.

YCL strives to continue to enhance the quality of their product by fully using the concept and principles of science, while giving top priority to customers’ needs and requirements which will bring comfort and happiness to the customers worldwide.