DEI 556U | Immobilizer Interface Module (Bypass Module)

Code: 25-02-0001

Prevent your vehicle from being stolen with the DEI 556U immobilizer interface module. Once installed, this device controls the ignition and fuel system and will render a car inoperable when it does not detect the original car keys in the ignition, making it impossible for would-be thieves to get away with your most valued asset.



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In stock



The 556UW immobilizer interface module is used when installing remote start products (sold separately) in select vehicles equipped with an RF (Radio Frequency) based immobilizer system. This system uses a small chip embedded in the ignition key, called a transponder, to transmit a very low powered RF signal. This signal is picked up through an antenna (or coil) around the ignition switch which is then sent to the immobilizer’s transceiver.

Once the correct signal is received, the immobilizer will enable the ignition and/or fuel systems. If an attempt is made to start the vehicle and the transceiver does not receive a valid code, the ignition and sometimes the fuel systems are disabled.

The immobilizer system will then render the remote start useless. The 556U bypasses the immobilizer system only while the remote start is in use, maintaining the factory system’s integrity. When the remote start system is not in use the factory immobilizer remains fully functional.


The 556UW requires an active key from your vehicle to be installed inside the immobilizer interface module. The 556UW is then mounted underneath your vehicle’s steering column. The 556UW immobilizer interface module features the following connections:

  • 6-Pin Harness: Power/Ground/Input Harness
  • Red ( )12 Volt Input: connect this wire to a fused source of constant 12 volt
  • Blue (-) Status Input: connect this wire to the remote start negative (-) status output
  • Pink ( ) Ignition Input: connect this wire to the vehicle’s true ignition output
  • Black (-) Chassis Ground: connect this wire to the vehicle’s chassis ground
  • Violet ( ) Key-Sense Input: connect this wire to the vehicle’s positive key-sense output wire
  • Green (-) Key-Sense Input: connect this wire to the vehicle’s negative key-sense output wire