FIZZ | Turbo Timer 908 Universal Kit with Red LED Display

Code: 27-01-0006

The FIZZ 908 is a well-known JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) turbo timer with a reputation for its user-friendly operation and steadfast reliability. After all, the Japanese generally pride on their commitment to quality and durability of their products. With the FIZZ 908 crafted and made in Japan, you can expect nothing short of the best from it.


In stock

In stock



  • Model No. : 908
  • Red LED Digital Display
  • Select Button (Selectable Idling Time : 1 Minute or 3 Minute)
  • Power ON/OFF Button
  • Power Status Indicator
  • Dimensions : 180 x 110 x 35 mm
  • DC 12 V, Suitable for all vehicles NA/Turbo