Kixx | ATF DX-III Automatic Transmission Fluid (4 Litres)

Code: OIL-KIXX-012

Modern vehicle and transmission designs place increased stress on the automatic transmission fluid. Kixx ATF DX-III is superior to any other past or currently ATF for uses in passenger car with automatic transmission. And It can be recommended for Automatic transmission with lock-up clutch. It provides a higher quality performance due in part by its oxidation resistance, low temperature fluidity, appropriate friction performance, high shear stability, and near sludge free operation.


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In stock



In accordance with the GM powertrain licensing requirements for the use of the DEXRON trademark, ATF DX-III may be recommended for use in automatic transmissions or other units, such as power-steering systems, industrial hydraulic systems and air compressors for which the service-fill product is specified as DEXRON®-II, DEXRON®-III or DEXRON fluid.


• Ensures long life-time
• Provides high foam stability.
• Provides high antirusting performance and lower sludge formation.
• Provides good start operation in cold climates thanks to its excellent low-temperature fluidity.
• Provides more stable friction property.