MONSTER CAR AUDIO | 50ft Subwoofer Speaker Cable

Code: 18-01-0102

Often times, when you’re working on a sound system DIY projects, it’s important to ensure that you have everything that you need to get the job done. The Monster Car Audio 50ft Subwoofer Speaker Cable is a spool of cable that will help you out when you’re in a jam. It’s everything that you need for cabling purposes and the high quality material used in this cable will ensure that your system will create accurate music reproduction.


In stock

In stock


  • 14 Gauge cable (although Monster doesn’t indicate the gauge on the gauge on the packaging, they do confirm the cable to be 14 gauge.)
  • Compact Time Correct windings for more accurate music reproduction
  • Patented Magnetic Flux Tube construction breaks up internal magnetic fields for more natural music reproduction
  • Linear Polythylene (PLE) insulation around conductors reduces dielectric signal loss for greater clarity
  • Full size cable construction maintains signal strength over long runs
  • Unique round shape with smooth, flexible jacket for easy installation.