MOTUL | 8100 X-Max 0W40 Engine Oil 5L Fully Synthetic Engine Oil Petrol and Diesel Cars

Code: OIL-MOTUL-007

High-performance 100% Synthetic engine oil specially designed for the latest generation cars powered by Gasoline or Diesel direct injection engines. Recommended for high output, performance engines (eg. BMW, MERCEDES and PORSCHE). Anti-wear properties. Excellent high-temperature stability. Boosted performance and better acceleration.


In stock

In stock


  • High-performance Synthese-Technologie lubricant featuring Full SAPS (Sulfated Ash, Phosphorous, Sulfur) technology, specifically designed for powerful and recent cars fitted with large displacement engines, Gasoline or Diesel, direct or indirect injection, with or without turbo.
  • Multipurpose product featuring numerous car maker approvals, especially recommended for vehicles still under warranty.
  • Suitable for all types of fuels: Gasoline, Diesel, LPG, CNG and Biofuels.
  • Compatible with catalytic converters.
  • If in doubt, before use, refer to the owner’s manual or handbook of the vehicle.


Application Engine: Lubricants
Engine Type: 4-Stroke
Product Type: 8100
Quality: 100% Synthetic, Synthese-Technologie
Product Range: Car
Viscosity: 0W-40
ACEA Standards: ACEA A3/B4
API Standards: API Service SN
Oem Approvals: FORD WSS-M2C937-A, MERCEDES-BENZ MB-APPROVAL 229.5, VW 502 00 505 00
Oem Performances: BMW LL-01, CHRYSLER MS 12991, FIAT 9.55535-M2, FIAT 9.55535-N2, FIAT 9.55535-Z2