PHILIPS | 1pc OEM T20 7440 12065CP factory globe bulb brake light signal 12V W21W single

Code: 32-01-0054

Genuine Philips OEM standard replacement W21W 7440 T20 halogen bulb. – Single Filament (Single Brightness) produces high brightness from to make sure that you feel safe and drive safe. This bulb can be easily installed and replacing the original light bulbs  is a matter of just plugging it in with no modification required. This coupled with Philips light bulb’s Extra long lifespan, this could essentially free you from the trouble of replacing the bulbs.


In stock

In stock


Technical Specifications:

  • Size: W21W
  • Colour: OEM Halogen
  • Brightness: 460lm
  • Base Type: W3x16d
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Wattage: 21W
  • ERROR FREE Solution: CANbus Ready
  • Estimated Life Time: 400 hours