BOSCH | Clear Advantage Windshield Wiper

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Being able to see where you’re going when driving is important. Never lose sight with the best windshield wipers from BOSCH’s Clear Advantage Windshield Wiper with its patented beam design for all-weather performance.



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The best protection against road accidents is to prevent them with vehicles that meet basic safety standard. Built to last longer, the BOSCH Advantage Wipers is set to improve the safety of vehicle drivers.

Key Features

  • Patented beam design reduces exposed metal, resisting ice and snow build-up for all-weather performance
  • Graphite treated wiping edge reduces friction for a quiet and smooth wipe in all seasons
  • Easy installation with the Click-On™ adapter system
  • The new Bosch Advantage Wiper includes a highly compatible adaptor fitting 95% of vehicles in Asia. Its “Fast-fit” quick clip adaptor also enables the wipers to fit and install easily.
  • The wipers are equipped with all-steel construction with superior corrosion resistance and all-weather protection.
  • The tropicalised rubber formula on the new Bosch Advantage Wiper is resistant to cracks and damages from long term ozone and sunlight exposure.
  • Even after 200,000 wipe cycles, the new Bosch Advantage Wiper still performs almost as good as it was first installed.
  • New Bosch Advantage Wiper to improve the safety of vehicle drivers
  • All BOSCH wipers carry no warranty

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