STREETWIRES | 6M of ZN9 Series 4-Channel Interconnect Cable

Code: 18-01-0075

ZeroNoise 9 series interconnects feature the highest quality materials, the best noise rejection capabilities and the cleanest signal transfer of any interconnect StreetWires has ever released. ZN9 interconnects ensure the best clarity, dynamics, harmonic structure and tonality while maximizing sound stage, depth and imaging. Quad conductor, Phase Perfect Teflon dielectric, dual split pin rhodium-plated banana, and optimized HyperTwist Technology are just some of the reasons ZN9 interconnects are the industry’s best interconnects.


In stock

In stock


General Features:

  • Super quad construction gives the cables a perfect balance of noise rejection and sound quality
  • Ultra-grip machined body is precision made with a compact design
  • Rhodium-plated serpentine cut connectors will provide the maximum amount of surface area contact
  • Rhodium-plated dual split banana center pin provides maximum surface area contact for an optimal signal transfer with zero signal loss
  • Ultra grain oxygen-free copper ensure the highest quality of signal transfer

Product Specifications:

  • ZN9 Series 4-Channel Interconnect Cable
  • Length: 16.4 ft (5 Meters)
  • Clear crystal flex insulating jacket