TURTLE WAX | Max Power Car Wash Soap 100 Fl Oz

This multi-purpose car wash soap delivers moderate to extremely deep cleaning action to lift everything from light stains to the stickiest of grimes.


In stock

In stock


Turtle Wax super-foaming formula creates a thick, fluffy barrier that helps prevent scratches and swirls on the surface of your car while tackling tough soils and residues.

Use this adjustable cleanser more diluted for a gentle wash that won’t strip car wax, or use a more concentrated mix in your bucket to degrease surfaces for a complete overhaul.


  • Three levels of cleaning power from moderate to extreme for the wash best suited to your needs
  • Removes stains, tar, tree sap, and even old wax to prep and restore tired surfaces
  • The fragrance-infused formula creates a pleasant atmosphere for a refreshing car care routine