TURTLE WAX | Ice Seal N Shine Hybrid Sealant Spray Wax 16 Fl Oz

This premium paint sealant took the internet by storm and has become a huge favorite among drivers and detailers alike!

ICE Seal N Shine encases your car in a layer of super-hydrophobic silicone for up to six months of protection against streaks, scratches, and swirls!

Just spray and wipe to boost the longevity of your finish with our most popular Smart Shield® polymer formula.

Plus, our Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax works as an excellent topper for this sealant spray to cut down dry time, produce an incredible shine, and provide even more Smart Shield protection.


In stock

In stock



  • A must-have for your car care routine
  • Hydrophobic polymer formula promotes water beading to prevent streaks and cut drying time
  • Advanced Smart Shield technology delivers up to 6 months of sealed protection against light scratches, scrapes and swirls
  • Infused with carnauba car wax to give your car a deep, reflective shine and restore exterior surfaces to like-new condition
  • Safe for use on hot or cold surfaces, even in direct sunlight