– Combines the performance of the traditional spray trigger and microfiber towel with the convenience of the automotive cleaning wipe for on the go

– Clean up dirt, dust, bugs, pet nose prints, tobacco stains & more

– Light tropical Caribbean Crush scent

– Streak & lint-free clean for spotless mirrors & windows for maximum visibility

– Spray & Wipes won’t streak or dry out and will last longer than traditional wipes


In stock

In stock


Turtle Wax Spray & Wipes revolutionize auto detailing wipes. Spray & Wipes do not streak, do not dry up, last longer and they conveniently fit in most cup holders. The first-ever car care product that combines the control and performance of a traditional spray trigger bottle and microfiber towel, with the convenience of the automotive cleaning wipe. Simply twist the bottle at the perforated line and pull out the spray bottle. From the top, pull out a dry wipe and detail wherever needed. Spray directly onto the surface or the dry towel for personalized control of product usage. The Spray & Wipe Glass Cleaner provides a streak-free clean for all glass surfaces.