VIPER | Car Alarm System Model 5900

Code: 25-01-0042

The new 1-mile range 5900 Responder SST System is one of the most advanced 2-Way Security and Remote Start system in the world! This remote start car alarm utilizes Spread Spectrum Technology, digital frequency hopping, and the ability to have a signal transmitted, even if the frequency is blocked.


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In stock


Product Description

The Responder SST has a dual error correction system to fight signal data corruption and minimize signal interference. The end result is an astounding range of up to one full mile!

The interactive display on the Responder 2-way remote confirms all commands (almost instantly) with easy to understand icons and text. The remote alerts the user that the security system has been triggered by beeping or vibrating when your not in the audible range of the siren. The Viper 5900 also has a remote start system that will start your vehicle with the push of a button and will send back a confirmation that vehicle has been started.

Key Features:

  • Flagship 2-Way Security System / Remote Start System with Responder SST Technology
  • 6 channel remote start/security/keyless entry system
  • Confirms commands and system triggers on the transceiver LCD screen
  • Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping®
  • Parking Light Flash
  • Failsafe® Starter Kill
  • Anti-Grind
  • Stinger® DoubleGuard® Shock Sensor
  • Revenger® Six-Tone Siren
  • Bright Blue LED Status Indicator
  • Miniature XCRS (Extreme Capacity Relay Satellite)
  • Defroster Output
  • Built-in Turbo Timer
  • Dome Light Supervision
  • Comfort Closure
  • 4 Auxiliary Outputs
  • Horn Honk
  • Includes One 2-way Responder SST Transceiver Remote
  • VS5900