ARMOR ALL | Outlast Tire Glaze

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OUTLAST® TIRE GLAZE – Give Your Tires a Durable Shine


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A set of glossy tires is just the trick to give your vehicle a finished look. Armor All, a leader in car care, developed this revolutionary new formulation to deliver a deep rich shine that will last. The synthetic polymers bond to the rubber surface, giving it exceptional durability. Plus, the formulation dries to the touch so you avoid unsightly sling.

  • Gloss shine won’t come off when washed
  • Dries completely, no sling guaranteed


  • Clean Tires: Tires should be clean and dry. Do not apply over previous tire shine products. Apply in well-ventilated area.
  • Cover wheels and painted panels: Avoid overspray on wheels — mask off with paper or cover with cardboard. Hold can 4? to 6? from tire and spray uniformly onto tire sidewall using a quick, sweeping motion. Best results are achieved with a light to medium coat. Heavy coats may run and leave a white, hazy appearance. Do not apply in windy conditions.
  • Immediately wipe over spray: Use a clean towel to immediately remove overspray from wheels or painted surfaces. Mild solvents (e.g., rubbing alcohol) on a clean towel may help remove overspray residue when still wet. DO NOT ALLOW OVERSPRAY TO DRY. As Armor All® Outlast® Tire Glaze is a long-lasting tire glaze, it is difficult to remove once cured.
  • Allow to dry: Allow Armor All® Outlast® Tire Glaze to dry, about 45 minutes at 70º F, longer in cooler temperatures.
  • Clear out nozzle: To avoid clogged nozzle, turn can upside down and spray to clear nozzle after use.

8 oz.