ARMOR ALL | Ultra Shine Wash Wipes

Code: CON-CLNKIT-0107

Armor All Ultra Shine Wash Wipes are the easy and effective way to keep your car clean.


In stock

In stock


Forget the hassle of using a bucket and hose to wash your car. You can clean your car anywhere and anytime. The extra-large, pre-moistened wipes allow you to remove soils like dirt, dust, bird droppings, road grime and more, all without using water.

Fast 1-step cleaning

  • Effectively cleans and details all exterior automotive surfaces
  • No bucket and hose required
  • Great for cleaning your whole car or touch-ups


Perfect for use in:

  • Water restricted areas
  • Urban areas
  • Anywhere you want your car cleaned quickly!


Use on a cool, dry vehicle. As wipe becomes saturated with dirt, flip or fold wipe to expose a fresh clean surface. Use long, continuous strokes in a straight line to clean and lift away dirt. On windows and on dark colored vehicles, a final buff with a dry, clean microfiber towel will help you achieve an optimum shine. Safe for use on all exterior surfaces of the vehicle.