NAKAMICHI | NBF-08A Mini 8″ Active Aluminium Subwoofer

Code: WFR-NKMC-003

Great for placement under seats, the NBF-08A mini is also a one-of-a-kind 3-way subwoofer which exudes sound from both sides as well as on top giving you the ultimate auditory sound experience. Features aside, what’s most important is that this mini-sized subwoofer delivers the bass you need.


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Technical specification:

N-Power : 80W
Peak Power : 1000W
THD : <0.2%
Signal-to-noise ratio : >60dB
Frequency Response : 20Hz – 150Hz
Input Sensitivity, High Level : 1.0V
Input Sensitivity, Low Level : 300mV
Low Pass Filter : 50Hz – 150Hz
Bass Boost : 0 to 12dB
Subsonic Filter : 20Hz(Fixed)
Fuse Rating : 10A
Subwoofer : 8inch,40hm
DImensions ( L x W x H ) mm : 290 x 210 x 72 mm


Price in not inclusive of installation charges. Installation charges varies with car models.