Nakamichi NS-S31M 3″ Mid Range Speaker

Nakamichi NS-S31M is a 3″ compact midrange speaker designed to boost the audio quality in your car for a better listening experience.


In stock

In stock


Nakamichi NS-S31M speakers

  • Center speakers with a total diameter of 100 mm from the top Nakamichi NS range.
  • The speakers have a neodymium magnet and a black anodized basket. They are characterized by exemplary construction and their sound belongs to the high-end section of speakers.
  • The membrane is made of composite paper, where the focus was placed on the highest possible sensitivity.



  1. MID-Range x 2pcs
  2. MID-Range’s Grille Net+Frame × 2pcs
  3. MID-Range’s Back Cover × 2pcs
  4. MID-Range’s Label × 2pcs
  5. 2.5mm “L” Type Wrench × 1pc
  6. “8” Type Mounting Bracket × 2pcs
  7. Mounting Screw M4x25mm (mid-range) × 8pcs
  8. MID-Range’s 3M Sticker 91×41.5mmx1.5T × 2pcs
  9. MID-Range’s 3M Sticker 91×41.5mmx4.5T × 2pcs