PIAA | Super Graphite Wiper Blades replacement windshield wipers 12″ – 26″ 300mm – 650mm

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PIAA’s Super Graphite Wiper is designed for high performance at a moderate price thanks to Super Graphite Technology. This technology features an exclusive Molybdenum graphite bonding process that provides for a consistent graphite coating that is superior to compound graphite materials that weaken the natural rubber. The graphite’s effectiveness is maintained throughout the life of the blade resulting in a wiper blade that outperforms standard rubber blades and offers improved durability, a smooth, quiet operation and chatter-free performance with no streaking.


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The PIAA Super Graphite Wipers is a high-performance, moderately-priced blade with pin-style applications. These blades are manufactured using a proprietary molybdenum binding process that provides a consistent graphite coating. This process helps minimise wear-and-tear on the natural rubber of the blades for added durability, season after season. Each PIAA Super Graphite Wiper offers smooth and quiet operation with no streaking and is easy to install.


PIAA wiper provide the best solution for your windshield problems:

  • Every wipe add a layer of coating for water repelling
  • No more blurry vision
  • Reduce the needs to clean your windshield
  • No more dust sticking on windshield problems
  • No more scratch on windshield


  • Durable: Silicone rubber lasts at least 2x longer than traditional blades
  • Performance: Silicone compound promotes water beading and quiet operation
  • Better Value: Long-term costs are lower due to outstanding durability.

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12 inches/300mm, 14 inches/350mm, 15 inches/380mm, 16 inches/400mm, 17 inches/430mm, 18 inches/450mm, 19 inches/475mm, 20 inches/500mm, 21 inches/525mm, 22 inches/550mm, 24 inches/600mm, 26 inches/650mm, 28 inches/700mm