STEELMATE JS16 Portable Jumpstarter for Engines up to 6.0L petrol or 5.0L diesel, 16000mAh Powerbank and Emergency LED Flashlight

Elevate your preparedness on the road with the versatile and reliable STEELMATE JS16 – a powerhouse designed for convenience and safety.

This portable powerhouse can singlehandedly jump-start your car with a 16000mAh lithium polymer battery, it boasts a 1000A peak current, reviving your 6.0L gas or 5.0L diesel engine up to 50 times on a full charge. Safety is a priority as the device features reverse charge, short circuit overcharge protection and fireproof casing.

This device also functions as a power bank to charge your devices on the go with its dual USB ports and enjoy added perks like a power display, 3 LED modes (flashlight, strobe, SOS), and even -20℃ cold-start capability.


In stock

In stock


  • Powerful Lithium Polymer Battery: Features a 16000mAh high discharge lithium polymer battery for reliable performance.
  • Versatile Output Options: Equipped with a DC 12V output and dual USB ports for quick charging, providing versatility beyond jump-starting.
  • 50 Jump Starts per Charge: Capable of jump-starting the vehicle up to 50 times when fully charged, offering sustained reliability.
  • High Current Capacity: Boasts a robust 1000A peak current, suitable for starting engines up to 6.0L petrol or 5.0L diesel.
  • User-Friendly Design: Includes an output power display for convenient monitoring and three LED modes (Flashlight, Strobe, SOS) for various situations.
  • Comprehensive Safety Features: Incorporates reverse charge, short circuit, overcharge, and overcurrent protection to ensure user safety.
  • Cold-Weather Performance: Can be started at low temperatures as low as -20℃, ideal for challenging weather conditions.
  • Fireproof Casing: The casing is constructed with UL94-V0 fireproof material, prioritizing safety in every application.



  • 16000mAh high discharge lithium polymer battery
  • DC 12V output
  • Output power display
  • Can start the vehicle 50 times when fully charged
  • 1000A peak current(up to 6.0L gas/5.0L diesel engine)
  • Dual USB for quick charging
  • 3 LED modes(Flashlight, strobe and SOS)
  • Reverse charge, short circuit, overcharge and overcurrent protection
  • Can be started at -20℃ low temperature
  • The casing with UL94-V0 fireproof material