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ATLASBX SMF Battery is the ideal choice for standard vehicles with usual power demands. It’s maintenance free and it provides reliable power support for all applications. ATLASBX offers a complete range of SMF Batteries for all of European, Asian and American vehicles.


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Key Feature

  • Reliable starting power with X-Frame Grid Technology
  • Grid Protection Technology delivers longer service life
  • A complete range offered for 99% of vehicles on the market

About AtlasBX:

Since its founding in 1944, Atlas BX has been on the path of creative innovation and challenge for the future. In order to strengthen our competitiveness and maintain the history of innovation, the company have grown to become a specialised battery company by continuously developing technology such as the maintenance-free battery in Korea and AGM battery, which is a premium product.

**Delivery of this item does not include installation**

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MF105D31L (N90L), MF105D31R (N90), MF40B19L (NS40ZL-ST), MF40B19R (NS40Z), MF50B24L (NS60L), MF50B24R (NS60), MF50B24RS (NS60S), MF55D23L, MF50B24LS (NS60LS), MF75D26L (NS70L), MF75D26R (NS70), MF80D26L (NX110-5L), MF95D31L (NX 120-7L), MF95D31R (NX 120-7)