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MOTHER’S DAY is happening this weekend and despite the current situation, you can still celebrate the occasion by giving your mum the perfect gift when it comes to her ride.

1. Wash her car

With an assortment of car care products available, there’s almost a no better way to show appreciation than surprising her with a nice clean car for her to drive. Who knows, maybe this can be a weekly thing you can do for mum beyond Mother’s Day.

2. Window tinting

Protecting your mum from the sun’s ray and heat is no easy task. However, by installing a car window tint, you can help reduce the amount of harmful UV rays from entering the car cabin thus protecting your loved ones from harm without reducing clarity while also providing a cool and comfortable ride. With our online exclusive discounted e-Voucher for V-KOOL tinted film, it’s well worth checking this out.

3. Minor maintenance work

Let’s face it, a mother’s work is never done but it’s always great to receive a lending hand from her kids. Simple car maintenance is important because not only does it keep the car in tip-top shape but also gives you a peace of mind knowing that your mum doesn’t have to worry about small details when she drives her car. This could be in the form of putting on fresh car mats, automotive light, wiper blades or even a Car battery.

4. Energizer Car Battery Starter

Speaking of maintenance, in the event when her car has a flat battery in the middle of nowhere, this Energizer Car Battery starter is a lifesaver that fits in a glove box. It’s easy to hook up for an instant charge since it will indicate via the LED if you put it in the wrong polarity plus you won’t be subjected to sparks. It also acts as a power bank for the time when she needs to charge her phone to make that call to be picked up. A definite must-have for on-the-go mums.

5. Top up with fresh Kixx Engine Oil

Car maintenance is not complete if the engine is not running smoothly. Let the task of routinely changing the engine oil fall upon you while letting your mum enjoy a well-earned rest. Kixx G1 ranks as the best when it comes to engine protection and optimised performance. It also comes in a fully or semi-synthetic fit for all sports and gasoline vehicles.

Bonus gift idea: Car Player + Reverse Camera

As a bonus gift idea, a car player not only functions as a way to bring in-car entertainment for passengers, especially children during the ride, it can also serve as a safety feature when installed with a reverse camera. That way it’s easier for mums to reverse park her car knowing that she can see what’s behind her clearly.

With our online exclusive 10.1” Android Car player it comes free with a reverse camera while other options such as the 7” Android player or the 7” MirrorLink Multimedia lets you top up $30 for reverse camera and installation.

Overall, providing comfort and convenience is something we should all strive for when it comes to taking care of our mother. She has been there since the beginning to support and guide us through the years, so it’s time that we, in some small way, return some of that favour by really showing her our gratitude on this extra special day. – AG